Make Sense of Save Environment – Save Water with Urinal Sensor

Urinal Sensor

Make Sense of Save Environment – Save Water with Urinal Sensor

‘Water’, one of the most precious gift mother nature has given to us. Its our duty to save every droplet of water so that our future generations don’t have to suffer for our misdeeds. Today there has been a never before awareness for water conversation. The technology has played an important role to assist humans for taking care of environment.

Today Green products like Automatic Urinal Sensor are playing a vital role in modern washrooms to eliminate human intervention in maintaining hygiene by automatically flushing the urinal pot after every use. Slowly and gradually it has become the need of the hour for every washroom with urinal pot in India.

Its evident that the toilets without urinal sensor flushers are stinking because nobody bothers to touch that manual flush valve after use especially in a public facility. The ones that keep the manual flush minimally open to allow some quantity of running water to flow through the urinal are absolutely wasting that water when it’s not needed.

In India the reputation of urinal sensors has taken a hit due to enormous flooding of imported sensor (mainly Chinese) by other brands which have failed miserably due to lack of service & in-depth technical knowledge of the product. Secondly, these imported sensors are not conducive to Indian environment which is a lot demanding in terms of tougher climatic conditions & poor water quality available here.

The answer is ‘Bharatphoton’, also known as ‘BPE’, a pioneer company established since 1983, manufacturing Indian Washroom Hygiene Sensors that are especially designed to suit robust Indian conditions. Their products truly stand out from the crowd of imported ones when it comes to quality, range or after-sales services. They also have the ability to design & develop sensor-based product for any application.

They are the true torch bearers when it comes to projecting Indian technology to the world and serving the nation with their cost-effective high-quality Urinal Sensors & other products that are instrumental in saving water & of course, the environment.

Urinal Sensor
We are making people of India believe that Urinal Sensors are necessity of every washroom in India and Indian manufactured sensors can only be the life-long answer with install & forget solution for Indian sites. We have taken a pledge to serve our country by restoring hygiene & water saving in Indian washroom facilities by introducing our own Indian adaptive technology & saving our country from the menace of cheap imported sensors”, says Mr. Akash Deep Agrawal, M.D. of BPE Innovations Private Limited.

Hence, we strongly recommend every facility owner with urinal pots installed to use urinal sensors and contribute their bit to save water and environment.

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