Growth of Washroom Hygiene Sensors in India

Growth of Washroom Hygiene Sensors in India

India has been a versatile market where the scope of Washroom Hygiene Sensors like Urinal Sensors and Sensor Taps or Automatic Faucets is tremendous but in a last decade or so major brands are just importing these products from China or other parts of the world. Due to extraordinary supplies of imported products and lack of prompt after sales service (because of irreparable nature of imported sensors), other brands are struggling to maintain their reputation in the market. Indian companies like ‘Bharat Photon’ & AOS Systems are the oldest manufacturers in India and ‘

Bharat Photon

Bharat Photon’ with their innovative product range, continuous up-gradation of products and stringent quality control & after-sales measures, stand out in the competition. With our Prime Minister aligning the policies for Indian manufacturers, time has come when we should opt for products that are Indian made, technically at par with global standards and comes with decades long credibility of established players like ‘Bharat Photon’.

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