No More Faulty Sensors – AMC Hotline

No More Faulty Sensors – AMC Hotline Any Brand, Any Type Dial 18001216254 for the best services of urinal sensors.

Make Sense of Save Environment – Save Water with Urinal Sensor

‘Water’, one of the most precious gift mother nature has given to us. Its our duty to save every droplet of water so that our future generations don’t have to suffer for our misdeeds. Today there has been a never before awareness for water conversation. The technology has played an important role to assist humans »

Importance of Hygiene Systems in Washrooms

Importance of Hygiene Systems in Washrooms Used By Corporate World India has already made a mark of excellence in world when It comes to maintaining highest work standards in office and has adapted so well to the global corporate environment. Hygiene has played a vital role in achieving global benchmarks. The era has already begun »

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Growth of Washroom Hygiene Sensors in India

India has been a versatile market where the scope of Washroom Hygiene Sensors like Urinal Sensors and Sensor Taps or Automatic Faucets is tremendous but in a last decade or so major brands are just importing these products from China or other parts of the world. Due to extraordinary supplies of imported products and lack »

Water efficient urinals- Use Urinal Sensors

If you have urinals in your business it is well worth revisiting the sensor flusher controls in place. Urinals are often set to flush notwithstanding of use. This wastes a lot of water – especially out of hours. Typically, unrestrained urinals will flush around three times per hour, every day of the year. For example, »